but many race for public wifi market why struggle?

update: 2017-08-22

the original title: for public WiFi market in many ways, but why struggle?since 2015, the country began to constantly stressed the importance ofbroadband and network development, also lifted the accelerated...

after nestle kitkat android was formally named oreo

update: 2017-08-22

on August 22, morning news, super after total solar eclipse in a live in theUnited States, Google has revealed the Android 8.0 system will be calledAndroid Oreo(Oreo), the new version has begun to Pixel and t...

when you say: i wrote a w lines of code

update: 2017-08-22

the original title: when you say:"I wrote a line of code of 100 w..."on sohu suddenly found a very interesting article," what's it like to wrote100 w lines of code".A classmate: I have to write two thousan...

deep learning application in the sentiment analysis

update: 2017-08-22

the original title: the application of deep learning in sentiment analysisemotional analysis of natural language descriptionsentiment analysis is ubiquitous, it is a kind of based on the classificationof n...

mysterious pages reveal apple hiring key positions

update: 2017-08-22

the original title: mysterious pages reveal apple important vacancyto join apple, average person can log on their official website, looking forapple in the local and even job vacancies in the world.But some...

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